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App of the Week – Shots iGot

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So let’s run through a quick scenario that most likely happens more often than not to 95% of drinkers out there. You’re getting ready to go over your buddies and pre-game before the bar. Not wanting to get too drunk before going out, you take the water bottle you just finished from the gym, and decide to pour some Vodka in for easier transport. No one wants to carry around a big glass bottle, let’s be realistic. So as you use your excellent eye balling skills to fill the bottle halfway, you say “Perfect, just enough to get me buzzed”. Next thing you know, you’re ass naked passed out in your bed with a Crave Case empty next to you and it’s 4:30 in the morning.

Well if this has happened to you before, or on multiple occasions you know that the main cause of this was because you had more of that Vodka during the pre game than you expected. No turning back after that. But wait, finally there is a solution. This new App called Shots iGot has finally come up with the solution to this age old problem. What started off as a crazy story like my opening turned into a spark for an idea for some college bros.

Shots iGot is a new iPhone App that allows you to know exactly how many shots you’re pouring for yourself in any bottle out there. The process is simple, go into the App and pick the bottle that you will be using. The App has a huge selection of bottles so finding yours shouldn’t be an issue. BUT, if your bottle of choice isn’t in the App, Shots iGot uses the built in camera on your phone to take a picture of the bottle in your hand which can then be stored for later use. So once you have chosen your bottle, drag your finger on the bottle up and down raising the level of liquid to exactly where it stands in the bottle in front of you. As you drag, you see the counter on top increasing. That number signifies how many shots are in that bottle based off the liquid level you have chosen. Voila, genius and simple way to measure shots in any bottle. Isn’t it amazing how the simplest ideas make for the coolest apps?

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With Shots iGot, you will never find yourself overly hung over in the morning again, unless you were trying to do that. Oh another cool thing, Shots iGot lets you account for mixed drinks as well. So when you are mixing some Gin and Ginger, measure out the level of each and boom this App will let you know exactly how much you’re going to be taking down for the night. Download the App today and give it a try, this is one you will absolutely love and find yourself using every single weekend.

Get the App here  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/shots-igot-lite/id589488429?mt=8

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