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Could the NFL Sunday Ticket Finally be Leaving DirecTV in 2015 and Heading to Cable?

nfl sunday ticket

Awful Announcing - In a speech to an investor conference in Florida today, DirecTV Chief Financial Officer Pat Doyle made news by saying the company would consider sharing Sunday Ticket with cable or even dropping the package altogether if the NFL’s price became too high. 

Now, if Sunday Ticket were opened to cable, imagine the number of champagne corks that would be popped by Comcast, Cox, Time Warner and other major companies. They have been angry about not being able to bid for Sunday Ticket and even kept NFL Network off their systems for many years in response. 

Although it sucks we have to wait til 2015 to even see if this is a possibility, let’s just think for a second how amazing this will actually be. The only thing DirecTV has to offer is the NFL Sunday Ticket. Their reception sucks, and service as a whole is terrible. I wouldn’t be surprised if 90% of their subscribers are only there for the Sunday Ticket. If this move happens and the cable networks are able to get the Ticket, absolute game changer. Let’s keep our eyes and ears peeled over the next year to see what further developments are made.


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