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The Monthly MANnerism

The Monthly MANnerism is a monthly chronicle that touches on the different facets of life that are slowly being destroyed by the younger generations in todays society (Manners/Politeness etc). Every few weeks, ChewTheDirt will be covering certain topics that were once considered a norm and revitalize them, instilling the ideas of being a Gentleman, Renaissance Man, and all around contributing member of society. Enjoy.

The October MANnerism

A gentleman must always have a firm handshake.

It has probably been thrown into your head that you should have a firm handshake, and that is a good thing.  In the business world a handshake can say a lot about yourself. For example, if you give “Dead Fish” – limp handshake, with little eye contact, and it’s over sooner than it began, you probably didn’t make a great first impression. Right off the bat that tells the person, “Hello My name is Jimmy and I don’t really want to talk to you and I really have no respect for you!”

The Handshake has been around since longer than recorded history and it is disputed on where and when this mannerism came from, but  here is Kevin Andrew’s view:

Perhaps a more practical origin of the handshake comes from medieval Europe, where kings and knights would extend their hands to each other, and [grasp the] others hand as a demonstration that each did not possess concealed weapons and intended no harm to the other (Hall).  –Via Soc302

The reason for this months mannerism is because in the world we live in today, old habits seem to be dying too quickly, but the handshake still remains important in politics and in business.  A handshake is not only a greeting and a personality tell,  it can be the closure to mark business deals and negotiations.  So you need to make sure you get it right!

Shake firmly, don’t try to break their hand, and don’t go limp like a dead fish 

Do not shake furiously or violently, keep it simple – It’s a hand “shake” not a hand “rape”

Make Eye contact – this shows respect for the other individual

Don’t “Double Handshake” – unless you are congratulating an individual

Remember the things listed above and you are on your way to being a Gentleman.  Cheerio, Gentlemen!


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