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NFL Week 9 Review

Notable Win

Seemingly flying under the radar, the Chicago Bears have quietly become one of the leagues best teams. Behind a stellar offensive attack with Cutler and Marshall, the points come easy while the hard nosed defense led by Urlacher always comes to play. Unfortunately for the Titans, they got the short end of the stick this week getting romped by the Bears. Cutler threw for 3 TDs to Brandon Marshall alone, Charles Tillman forced 4 fumbles, oh and for good measure Brian Urlacher returned an interception for a touchdown. The 7-1 Bears showed no mercy from all angles.

Final Score: CHI 51 TEN 20

Notable Loss

Poor Cowboys. Yet again, Dallas has ruined another season and Jerry Jones continues to look like a “genius”. Jerry has even come out to say that if he didn’t own the team, he probably would be fired as GM for doing a poor job. What a jackass, how about you step aside for once and try out not completely controlling the team. What is the worst that can happen, maybe you actually win a playoff game?

Top Performance

Damn this years Rookie of the Year battle is tough. One week RGIII seems to be running away with it, then you have a day like Sunday where Andrew Luck goes and breaks some records on top of leading the Colts to a huge win over the Dolphins. Luck set a rookie mark with 433 passing yards, surpassing the record set by Cam Newton last year. Luck also tied another rookie record for having 4 300+ yard passing games. The season is only half way done, so that should be an easy record for Luck to break, probably next week. With numbers like these, on top of leading the team to victories, it will be a hard debate to pick the Rookie of the Year.

Top Play

Football is at its best when you have an amazing touchdown pass, ridiculous punt return for a TD, or a ground shaking sack. But the message behind football is so much more important than the game itself, one must never forget what goes on behind the scenes. This week Colts head coach Chuck Pagano who has been undergoing treatment for cancer, gave an emotional speech after his teams huge win over the Dolphins. This is what football is all about.


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