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Ward Dominates Dawson, Finishes with a 10th Round TKO


The Super Middleweight Champion, Andre Ward, turned in a masterful performance against WBC Light Heavyweight Champion Chad Dawson on Saturday night. In front of a hometown crowd in Oakland, California Ward used superior hand speed, footwork, and punishing strength to beat up the larger and lankier Dawson. Saturday’s surprise was not in that Ward won but it was in the commanding fashion in which he battered his opponent.

Andre Ward was a warrior hell-bent on destruction. He outworked Dawson from the opening bell, staying busy while Dawson attempted to clinch. In the third round Ward knocked Dawson down using a left hook to the chin. From this moment on it was clear that Dawson was in trouble. Ward would go on to knockdown Dawson again in the fourth round with yet another left hook. Ward showcased his skills fighting from the outside as well as the inside and pushed the pace for much of the bout. Despite the disparity in weight (Ward weighed in at 176 lbs. and Dawson at 185 lbs. the night of the fight) Andre Ward bullied Dawson around the ring. Even through Dawson’s gradually increasing use of the clinch, Ward would batter Dawson with uppercuts and punish him wherever the fight took place. As the rounds progressed, Ward would chop Dawson down with straight right hands and left hooks to the head and the body ultimately leading to a crushing 4-punch combination that sent Dawson to the canvas at 2:45 of Round 10. Dawson would get to his feet and tell the referee he didn’t want to continue.

Andre Ward successfully defended his titles while remaining undefeated all in route to a beating and outclassing of the Light Heavyweight Champion. Simply speaking, Ward made Dawson look mesmerized, sluggish, and just plainĀ bad. Knowing that the people were watching, Ward performed brilliantly, putting on the action and closing the show.


CompuBox Numbers:

Total Punches for Andre Ward: 155/418

Total Punches for Chad Dawson: 29/187

Power Punches for Andre Ward: 112/281

Power Punches for Chad Dawson: 22/128

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