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WA’s Top 5 Technological Advances of 2013

tech in 2013

Now that 2012 has come and gone with products like the iPhone 5, iPad Mini and Nintendo WiiU sweeping the nation, what do we have in store for 2013? Rumors swirl faster than cows in a tornado but which ones will actually hit the shelves this coming year? Let’s take a look at the top 5 technological advances that we will see in 2013


The Apple iTV has been in the rumor mill for a couple of years now. The technology just hasn’t been there yet, but with 2013 now here, this all in one game changing TV set will change how we consume media forever.

apple iTV-concept

With the huge innovation of mobile games through Apps on your smartphones and tablets, the big name gaming systems  like X-Box and Playstation are getting hurt. 2013 will be the year a major new device will be launched, potentially the X-Box 720, that will bring a major resurgence to the industry.


In what could be one of the coolest videos leaked this year, Google dropped some knowledge about their Project Glass initiative. 2013 will be a huge year for testing the product, and potentially sending out a limited release to get the tech world buzzing.

google glasses project glass

Now just in case you have no idea what cloud computing is, think of services like Dropbox or iCloud which allow you to store content in the “cloud” without needing a physical device. Cloud computing is going to explode in terms of storage, collaboration, and a potential takeover of the home DVR (aka unlimited DVR storage)


Every new tablet is getting thinner and thinner. Some of the laptops are even as thin as a tablet. Next step, paper thin. 2013 will be the year where paper thin screens will become very popular. Not only are they paper thin, but they are flexible. The applications for a flexible LED screen are endless, and we will start to see some of the innovative applications the beginning of the year.

flexible screens

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